Our Story

Sustainability - Traceability - Provenance

Sustainability - Traceability - Provenance


Our journey

The journey of a product, skill or knowledge is important, it needs to be told applauded, showcased and acknowledged. The tractability of a material, a seed or an art form is what we relish and embrace at ORI9IN.
As the world moves forward into times where technology prevails, we like to remember the past – the journey and the story.

Supporting locals

On our farm every detail is considered in a way that can assist the community, country and the world. Artisanal people sometimes don’t know they are artisans until someone appreciates what they do and acknowledged their effort with admiration. From everything tangible there’s a story, a path from where it has come – heirloom seeds from an organic mother crop grown and loved by an ORI9IN farmer reaching its final goal when its grown for a specific customer and presented on a plate.

Earth caring

For each tree we have felled and dried we have calculated the years including the age of the carpenter and for every 5 years we plant another tree for the future STP explained. If a table has been made from 100 year old wood and the carpenter with his boundless skills is 58 years old that’s a total of 158 years- 31 hard wood trees would be replanted next to our fast growing bamboo forest creating sustainability. STP is where we should all look, know the journey your food and products have made, know who has been a part of it and reflect and respect the skills and knowledge.

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Groups of 8 or more must reserve ahead of time.

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